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Why the VIP thing?

If you've been hanging around here lately, (thank you, by the way), you've probably heard or seen me reference my new VIP membership program.  Maybe you've thought to yourself, what does it all mean!? Well, I want to shed some light, mainly because this thing isn't your average VIP program.  How so? Let me tell you!

If you are new to Xanne Fran, first off, welcome! I'm overjoyed that you found me and my little community of art-lovin', jewelry-wearin', free spirited weirdos.  If you've been here for years, I appreciate the crap out of you for sticking with me on this journey.  It's that appreciation that led me to create the VIP program, because not only do I make jewelry and sell it so that I can feed myself (and my family), but I'm an artist, and to know that my customers see me as a person and not just a business, means everything to me.

When I founded Xanne Fran Studios a decade ago, I had no idea what I was doing.  I remember thinking, will anyone care?  Why the hell did I throw the word "studios" on the end of my name?  At the time, I needed a legal business name to start selling my jewelry, but deep down I hoped that later on I really would be making various forms of art, maybe even in multiple 'studios'. (A little grandiose, to be honest.)  Now, you may not consider my basement, my spare bedroom, and half of a shared workshop studios, but from where I started, this is a big deal to me, so I'm counting it.

I couldn't be living this life without the support of my regular customers because quite honestly, I get a comically small amount of support from the people I actually know personally (friends, family, etc).  And I think this is probably true for most artists because there is a stigma attached to any young person that says "I want to be an artist".  Is it a difficult path? Absolutely.  Is it impossible to succeed?  Absolutely not.  The thing that is especially frustrating about the general public's view of artists is that they choose to ignore the one thing that really matters.  Artists bring joy and beauty into the world. 

Without creative people civilization would be boring as hell.  Do we need accountants and receptionists and chiropractors?  Of course we do, but do they paint the world in color?  Do they spark inspiration?  Do they bring imagination to life?  Nope.  That's what artists do.  Musicians, writers, painters, architects, potters, illustrators, designers, the list goes on and on.  It has always seemed so silly to me that being an artist isn't considered a serious career, when every part of our lives is touched by art.  The coffee table my feet are currently on was designed by an artist.  The pattern on my curtains was designed by an artist.  The dress the meteorologist is wearing on my local news right now, was designed by an artist.  The movie I'll watch later tonight was made by hundreds of artists, maybe thousands.  Art is everywhere and it enhances our lives, therefore, it is important.  Artists are important.  Ok, rant over.

Back to the VIP thing.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I was not meant to be a jeweler.  I still don't consider myself a jeweler.  Mainly because I don't do anything the way a traditional jeweler would.  I'm totally self taught, using my knowledge of bronze sculpting as my foundation to work with silver.  So my jewelry is really sculpture in a wearable form, and those of you who own pieces from me would surely agree.  That's why I've decided to share more of my art with you.  Because if you enjoy my art around your neck or on your finger, I think you'll enjoy having it on your walls, or in your garden, or drinking coffee out of it each morning.

As much as making tiny wearable things is incredibly fun, I find myself wanting to expand my creativity into larger pieces, new mediums and styles.  All this extra art needs somewhere to go, and so my VIP's are going to be the recipient of this overflow of inspiration.  This year I will be creating more small scale bronze sculptures, (mostly fantastical creatures or tiny figurative pieces), along with functional ceramic pieces (I know, this is way out of my wheelhouse so it's going to get weird). I will also be experimenting with 2-dimensional art for prints and illustrations, maybe some even some wacky clothing!

The best part of the VIP program (in my opinion), is that it's going to be curated to the individual, because, let's be real, I know you guys pretty well at this point.  Based on past purchases, conversations with you, even where you are geographically located, I will choose fun extras that I think YOU will love, because you're an individual, not just a customer.  If you are thinking, "that's pretty cool but it sounds daunting," you aren't wrong.  This is going to be a fair amount of additional work for me, so that's why it's a VIP program! (I appreciate you once-in-a-whilers too, of course!)

To be considered for this position of honor, you must have an all-time spend of $500 or more at  Unfortunately, past and future Etsy purchases won't count towards your total.  I'm trying to get away from Etsy, (a conversation for another day), so the idea is to encourage purchases directly from me.  It's more lucrative for us both, trust me on this!

"So am I a VIP member?" If you're wondering if you qualify, there's two ways to find out! You can either message me directly and I'll look up your account and let you know where you stand, OR you can wait and see if your next order comes with a shiny VIP card and a fun surprise.  I personally love a good surprise, but I won't mind one bit if you email me. :) 

So there you have it! I'm doing this because I'm a billowing volcano of creative energy and I want to share it with people I know will appreciate it.  As always, thank you for your support and encouragement, it means so much to me! *heart emojis*




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  • For the VIP, can I start spending now? I just found your work and am absolutely hooked. I loved seeing the videos of your process. Your creativity inspires me and I just want to be a part of that. Anyhooo….just wondering if only tried and true buyers up to this point can be VIP?


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