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Here at Xanne Fran, we make our jewelry with the utmost attention to detail.  Each item is carefully sculpted by hand, cast in solid sterling silver (or gold) by hand, and polished and finished- yep, you guessed it- by hand.  We use only the highest quality materials from reputable sources.  We don’t plate, fill, or “dip” anything and we wouldn’t dream of hollowing anything out; if it’s big, it’s heavy.

The only materials we use are 100% sterling silver and 10K, 14k, or 18k gold.  All of our chains are supplied directly from Schofer of Germany.

Unlike many jewelry shops, every step of the process is done by the same pair of hands.

Hello! I’m Roxy and I do it all it, folks.  My home studio is a mess of sketchbooks, workbenches and tools in nearly every room. When I have an idea, I go upstairs and sculpt it. Instead of sending off a piece to be cast, I pop into the next room and cast it myself.  After trial and error with other shops and “teams”, I found that the saying remains true: If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!

In addition to doing all the messy stuff,  I also package and write thank you notes to each and every one of my customers because I believe that art is personal.  I want you to know that the ring on your hand or pendant around your neck was crafted just for you by another living, breathing human that genuinely wants to bring you happiness through their artform. 

When I say, “we” or “us”, I’m referring to my cheerful family members that help me stay sane.

Although I’m the mind and hands behind the jewelry itself, Xanne Fran is a group effort.  Dear ol’ Dad helps with manly machine stuff, and has been known to wield a torch like a pro.  And If you shoot us an email, you might be conversing with my loving partner, Jared, who handles all the back-end computer mumbo jumbo.

From our family here at Xanne Fran Studios, thank you for supporting small business!

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